About Kane Custom Boats
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KCB specializes in :
  • Boatbuilding (Glen-L Hot Rod)
  • Auto and truck restoration (body and mechanical)
  • Snowmobile lifts, decks, ramps and cargo racks
  • Snowmobile repairs (specializing in Bombardier products) including :
      - Carburetor cleaning and synchronization
      - Studding (including REV)
      - General mechanical repairs
      - Fiberglass cab repair
  • Custom cabinetry and carpentry

Check out our Photo Album for truck, car and sled project photos.  We've also included construction photos of a Viceroy pre-engineered house we built in 1985.

We've been busy since March 2004 on our boat project.  It's a 17' Glen-L Hot Rod V-drive ski boat powered by a Chevy V8.

Glen-L Hot Rod, a 17' v-drive ski boat

The Hot Rod at the 2011 Glen-L Boatbuilder Gathering, Lake Nickajack, Tennessee.
Photo courtesy of Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Designs

Click here to see the boat's build photos.

Hope you enjoy your visit !!

17' v-drive ski boat Z-Lift Sled Lift ATV/Sled deck 1981 C10 stepside restoration

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